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The Goldson Law Office prides itself in vigorous and passionate representation of our clients.


At The Goldson Law Office, we represent consumers, families, and small business owners who have been harmed by businesses.

  • We use the FDCPA to go after harassing and abusive debt collectors.
  • We use the FCRA to go after businesses and credit reporting agencies that report false, misleading, and damaging information on credit reports.
  • We use Maryland’s Consumer Protection Act to aggressively pursue unscrupulous businesses that defraud and mislead Maryland consumers.
  • We protect consumer rights and defend consumers against law suits from creditors and debt collectors.
  • We file class action lawsuits when necessary, because when consumers band together, they increase leverage and effectively change bad corporate behavior.

Security Clearance

At this time, The Goldson Law Office, LLC is accepting clients in a variety of security clearance matters, from assistance with the application process to representation when a security clearance is threatened.